Innovation in the classroom

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Point2School offers a unique, cloud-delivered service enabling schools to rent educational software and content for four month or twelve month terms.

Our free Point2Hub client software makes rented software titles and online subscription content instantly available across your whole school.

And our sister service, Point2Parent, enables children to access all these same excellent resources at home while earning your school cash.

The Cloud

Why choose Point2School?

Great value educational content, when and where you need it.

1. Credible

Access top quality software titles, ebooks and other learning resources from well-known publishers all in one place. All our content is especially selected because it offers real educational value for teachers and learners.

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2. Flexible

Our licensing options offer the ultimate in flexibility. Unique rental pricing means that you only pay for the content that you really need, when you really need it. And upgrade any purchase to full home licensing with just one click.

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3. Simple

Just open our free Point2Hub software for immediate access to all your purchased content, instantly delivered. No more technical headaches or tricky installations – it’s all part of our peace-of-mind service for you.

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What content do you offer?

Licensed Content

From Early Years to Key Stage 4 and above, across all subjects, our service has something for every classroom.

Free Content

We include a wealth of free software and online content in the Point2Hub by default, instantly ready to use.

Open Source Content

Where we find good educational tools that are freely available, we’ll make them available to you in the Point2Hub – no strings attached.

Microsoft Learning Suite

We’re also pleased to be able to offer you access to this great selection of educational software and content from Microsoft.

What are the licensing options?


Our site licence allows access to the purchased title on any number of computers within the school. Teachers may also access the title at home for lesson preparation.



Our community licence is a standard school site licence, but with full student home access also included, so your pupils can complete set homework or their own creative projects.



We offer a wide range of free and open source software and content within the Point2Hub. We regularly update and add to this content, based on school requests.


How can I get started quickly?

1Download the Point2Hub

Our Point2Hub software can be downloaded by clicking below, or following any other ‘download’ link on the site. Further instructions for installing it can be found here.

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2Take a look around

Visit our eStore and see what we have to offer you and your students. You’ll find software, ebooks and online services. You can do this in a browser or in the Point2Hub itself.

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3Create a free account

As soon as you see something you like, just create a free account and order it on 7 day appraisal. You’ll then find it immediately available to use in the Point2Hub.

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